Roller Coaster Ride

It's been awhile since I've updated Just Breathe. Everyone has been in my thoughts and I can feel your loving energy and prayers daily. I decided to write as the 1 year anniversary approaches on Thursday the 23rd of September. I remember Roy and I sitting in his truck looking at a piece of paper stating that there was a tumor, 2.0 x 2.0 in my left lung and that a PET scan was needed. Fast forward two months and we were sitting at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN., where a doctor told us that "Yes, the cancer has metastasized to both lungs, brain, spine, lymph nodes and bones. That there is no cure, no Chemo, no Radiation. Nothing they could do but put me on the inhibitor and that I had 6 months to 2 years! But, to stay positive."

And stay positive, I have!!! It's been a roller coaster ride and I wouldn't change one thing. I feel blessed and truly believe everything happens for a reason. Thank you all for supporting me, there is no way I could have gone through everything without your love and support.

UPDATE: The last couple of months have been another kind of crazy (we wouldn't want it any other way). At the end of June we headed back to the Mayo in Rochester Minnesota. I was feeling great and we were expecting a clean bill of health. I went through all the scans / bloodwork and then started with a horrible rash on my hip. I found out I had Shingles and it showed up on the PET Scan. (Very painful!) We figured that was going to be the worst of the trip. We weren't expecting them to tell us that there was a tumor recurrence in the brain and new lesions on my hip and spine. My Doctor at the Mayo said there was nothing more they could do, I would have to wait until January 2022 for another round of Gamma Knife Radiation to the brain and the Inhibitor (TagrIsso) that I'm taking is the last step medication and they would see me in 2 months. We were shocked! Roy and I decided that there is ALWAYS something more that could be done and had been doing research previously. We reached out to the Dana-Farber NSCLC (Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Center), which is dedicated to my type of cancer and asked if I could get a second opinion. I was allowed to do a self referral and the Director took my case!!!! Roy and I went to meet with him on August 5 and he spent 2 1/2 hours with us and gave us HOPE!!! The center has over 300 clinical trials going on right now with 42 in the pipeline. I may not qualify for any of these but at some point, there will be one that works. On August 26 we traveled back to the Dana Farber in Boston, for all new scans and ECHO. The Dr. has confirmed the progression (and more, darn lungs) and also that the medication has possibly done some damage to my heart. This is normal and something we will continue to monitor. They are looking at possible radiation to the hip and spine. I will continue traveling back and forth every 2 months or as needed. As for the next step, genetic testing has been done, blood work every other week and I'm in a database to connect me with a Clinical Trial. There isn't a cure yet but we're going to keep fighting for one!!! I feel very blessed to be at this amazing Cancer Center with doctors who are so knowledgeable, caring and understanding. I'm truly blessed!!! JUST BREATHE FAMILY, thank you all for your love and support! Your cards, your text and emails, the flowers, the gifts....I could go on and on. I live and work in the beautiful North Country and I don't know what I would do without all of you.

I know I haven't written much but I plan on changing that. At times, I think it has finally hit me, this is real, I'm in for a fight but I have the best support team there is, I'm here for the long run. I couldn't have done all this without you guys and my family. Roy, Eli, Gracie and Jude.....the strength you give me each day makes everything worth while. Love you 4 to the moon and back!!

Just Breathe 💟


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