Updated: Feb 5, 2021

We got good news today. The inhibitor is WORKING!!! The primary tumor in the lungs have drastically shrunk to the point they are hard to notice, just a slight residual on the PET scan. The tumors on the ribs, spine are GONE!! They put the PET SCANS side by side, it is amazing to see the difference.

The Gamma Knife radiation has also worked on the brain tumors. They are much smaller and the Neurosurgeon thought that the inhibitor would keep shrinking them.

Several new hot spots were found in my Lymph nodes. I will biopsies today, to determine if the cancer has developed a new genetic mutation, hopefully not. A mass was also found left sinus cavity. They will biopsy and remove the mass on Monday.

We feel very blessed with the news of today. I will continue to be on the inhibitor until my body rejects it. I look at the inhibitor as Soldiers, keeping the dragon in its dungeon (the cancer).

Thanks for your prayers and continued support. We have truly had a miracle and we’re so blessed.

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