Renee's Bucket List

bucket list.jpg
  1. Hike Zion National Park, Utah

  2. A Nordic Spa weekend

  3. Visit the Grand Canyon

  4. Visit the Redwood Forest

  5. Stay at a Dude Ranch

  6. I want Jude & Eli to record a song

  7. Visit Yosemite National Park

  8. Visit New Orleans

  9. Visit Antelope Canyon, Arizona

  10. Learn how to play guitar

  11. Attend a Tyler Childers Concert

  12. Visit Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

  13. Visit Glamis Dunes, California

  14. Attend the Thanksgiving Parade in NYC

  15. Hike the Bitterroot & Bob Marshal National Forests, Montana

  16. Get my motorcycle license and on/off road bike